Pomodoro, Week 2, Days 1 and 2

Week 2 of Pomodoro is going strong. Here are my observations of the first two days of week 2:

1. A few days out of routine has led to regression in internal interruptions. Monday, especially, I noticed a significant increase in internal interruptions from the previous week’s final couple days. The increase can be attributed to be out of routine, but we are also in the final stages of closing on a house this week, so I have more on my mind than normal. Concentrating is that much more difficult.

2. My stress level while working on tasks has decreased this week. In the midst of tasks, the pressure to complete them seems to weigh on me much less. Interestingly, this has not led to a decrease in productivity. In fact, it seems like my mind is clearer and more productive without the constant pressure of needing to meet a deadline.

3. Another thing that makes #2 intriguing is that I began predicting how many pomodoros each task will take. I would have thought these predictions would increase the anxiety level as I try to hit the time targets. I have noticed the exact opposite. I feel very comfortable working within the pomodoro, and the fact that I am being productive has lessened the pressure a great deal.

4. Predictions have been fairly accurate. I have missed the projected time to completion on two activities this week. One was missed badly because I did not anticipate a preliminary task that would need to be completed. The other was missed by one pomodoro (it took six pomodoros rather than five). I attribute that mistake to dealing with a longer task that was more difficult to project. I think as I repeat this task regularly and measure the time it takes, my predictions will become more accurate.

I still find myself very excited about the pomodoro technique as I see tangible results day in and day out. I told my wife tonight that in two days of using pomodoro on one project, I accomplished more than I did in an entire week of concentrated time without any system in place. I’m looking forward to seeing those gains increase as I refine my workflows and my understanding of the tasks necessary to complete given projects.


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