Pomodoro, Day 3

Today’s task was much more straightforward than yesterday’s tasks: writing. The primary difficulty facing me today was trying to figure out how long each writing step would take. I listed five activities for today, and, in the end, only accomplished one of them. That one task took nine Pomodoros. One of the major frustrations I have had in writing is not being able to complete sections in a timely manner, and today’s Pomodoro experience helped explain why: I am not breaking down each writing step into manageable segments. The question facing me now is why this particular step took so many Pomodoros and what I could have done better to manage it within a maximum of 7 Pomodoros. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that one of my Pomodoros was voided by an interruption that was urgent and could not be deferred. Had that Pomodoro been completed (there were 7 minutes left when it was voided), this task would have taken ten Pomodoros!

Overall, today was successful because I have been trying to finish this task for a long time, and I think the Pomodoro technique helped me stay focused and efficient. I felt rather tired today as well, so the breaks came at just the right time and really seemed to re-energize me.

Three days into this one-month trial of the Pomodoro technique, and I can see some real benefits to my workflow. I can also see more clearly how much time I actually spend on various kinds of tasks, and how much time each day I spend total on the daily tasks. I also feel like I’m starting to get into a rhythm. In many of today’s Pomodoros, I looked at the time at exactly 15 minutes remaining in the Pomodoro, suggesting that my mind has is getting into a routine of working through the Pomodoros. I still feel like I’m working on objectives 1 and 2, but by next week I think I’ll be ready to take on objectives 3-5.


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