I’ve Moved!

January 29, 2013


I am now blogging at Not His Own with a couple other writers. For future blog updates, subscribe to the new site.

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Toward Greater Faithfulness in Evangelism

January 4, 2013


As I looked back over 2012, one of the areas I wanted to improve in the new year was engaging in evangelism outside the confines of pastoral ministry as such. While I regularly have opportunities for evangelism in church ministry, I wanted to be more pro-active about looking for opportunities in my normal, day-to-day interactions […]

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Christmas Eve Meditation

December 24, 2012


One of the realities we face as people living in a fallen world is that tragedy and sadness surround us. This reality seems especially true this Christmas as we all mourn not only the loss of many lives in Newtown, CT, but also what such acts of violence say about our culture and the spiritual […]

Step One: Show Up

November 12, 2012


Every Christians wants to be used by God to bring honor to Christ, but many Christians don’t know where to begin. They come to church and look around at all the ministries, but they’re not sure where or how they might serve. They don’t know what their gifts are, and in many cases they have […]

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Sin Is Not a Sitcom

November 9, 2012


Recently, Jesse Johnson and Stephen Altrogge have written about Decision 2012, and both of them have referenced Psalm 2:4, which says, “He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.” This verse speaks of God’s response to the kings of the earth and its rulers who unite to rebel against God’s authority. […]

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Decision 2012: Handling the Emotional Fallout

November 8, 2012


If, like me, you’re a follower of Jesus, chances are good you’ve spent most of today experiencing a wide gamut of emotions, most of them complex and at times contradictory. As I’ve read through my wife’s Facebook news feed and my Twitter timeline, I’ve seen Christians express their emotions in a wide variety of ways, […]

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The Christian and Government Manuscript

November 5, 2012


For those who would rather read a sermon than listen to it, here’s the manuscript. Some of what I said during the live preaching of the sermon will be different, of course, as I don’t read my manuscripts verbatim.


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